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- Conductivity Meters
Flinn Conductivity Meter
Testing the conductivity of solutions can give important insights into the nature of, and the particles in, a solution. This conductivity meter uses a green and a red light emitting diode (LED) to quantitatively measure the conductivity of a solution...
Conductivity Tester
Simply plug this conductivity tester into a 110-Volt outlet and insert it into a series of solutions to visually demonstrate to your students the relative conductivity of the solutions. The lamp will shine brightly for strong electrolyte solutions, l...
Light Bulb for Conductivity Tester, 15 Watt
Light Bulb for Conductivity Tester (Catalog No. AP5355). 110 V, 15 watt.
Current Indicator
Quickly determine the conductivity of a solution with this low-priced current indicator. A red LED is illuminated if the solution conducts electricity. For use with 24-well reaction plates or combination plates. 9-volt battery required but not includ...
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