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Electrode Rack
An acrylic, eight-place rack for storing your electrodes inside test tubes that contain buffer solutions or other storage solution. Storing your electrodes in a storage solution will prepare them for immediate use or stabilize them if they are used i...
Buffer Set for pH Meter Calibration
Pre-weighed amounts of buffer powders at three pH values-pH 4.0, 7.0 and 10.0. A correctly calibrated pH meter will check at all three points. These buffer powders are stable and have an excellent shelf life. Dissolve the powder in distilled or deion...
Electrode Swing Arm
Prevents electrode breakage by aiding in raising and lowering of electrodes into samples. Easily adjusted to suit your needs. Very stable. Truly a necessity.
Electrolyte Solution, Saturated, 100 mL
Saturated potassium chloride solution for refilling and storing pH electrodes. Intended to be placed directly into the refill port of electrodes. 100-mL bottle.
Hydrion Low Ion pH Test Kit
High quality water may not have enough ions to provide a reliable pH value. If you use standard pH indicator paper, the indicator in the test paper may be the only contaminant present when you dip it in the water, resulting in an e...
ATC/pH Replacement Electrode
With its low cost, and features you only expect on high-end benchtop pH meters, this pH/mV/Temperature meter is perfect for any lab. Its lightweight design and hard plastic carrying case make it portable and easy to use in the field.Features and ...
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