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- pH Meters
Flinn pH Meter
• Large easy-to-read display • Replaceable electrode • Slim design easily fits into test tubes • Can be immersed to a depth of 80 mm • Store the electrode with a few drops of pH 7 buffer or tap water. Never use deionized or distilled water and never...
Flinn pH Calibration Kit
Keep your Flinn pH meter readings accurate with the Flinn pH calibration kit. Kit includes 100-mL bottles of pH 4 and pH 7 solutions, calibration screwdriver, and instructions.
Oyster pH Meter Kit
A great value for your dollar. The Oyster pH meter is perfect for use in the lab or outside in the field. Unique case design offers large ½" LCD display built into an adjustable hinged cover that can be positioned for the best viewing angle. Mic...
Portable pH Meter Kit
With its low cost, and features you only expect on high-end benchtop pH meters, this pH/mV/Temperature meter is perfect for any lab. Its lightweight design and hard plastic carrying case make it portable and easy to use in the field.Features and ...
pH and Conductivity Meter, Benchtop
This affordable benchtop meter does it all—pH, mV, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, and temperature. Designed for student use with durable construction and easy operation, this meter is perfect for the school science lab. Results...
Advanced pH Meter Kit, Benchtop, Orion Star™
Orion pH meter, highly respected in research and industry, in a model specifically designed for use in a busy classroom! The benchtop design is durable, easy-to-operate, and gives stable and accurate pH readings—perfect for students. Features a...
Flinn Lab Essentials Kit
Make sure you have these essential items in your lab! Kit includes one each of the following best-selling laboratory items:   • Flinn pH Meter, AP8673 • Flinn Digital Pocket Thermometer, AP6049 • Timer, Count up/Count down, AP8874 • Fli...
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