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- Spectrophotometers
Flinn Scientific Spectrophotometer
All you ever wanted in a spectrophotometer at a price you can finally afford! • Designed by high school science teachers for high school science teachers • Simple one-button operation • Precise and accurate results • Durable, sleek design • Free ...
Test Tubes, 13 x 100 mm, 12/Box
Round, glass test tubes for use as spectrophotometer cuvets.
Replacement Lamp for Flinn Spectrophotometer AP7026
Replacement Lamp for Flinn Spectrophotometer AP7026
Kimwipes, 4 1/2" X 8 1/2"
Useful for cleaning or drying. Absorbent, creped soft surface is lint free. In pop-up dispenser. Available in two sizes.
Flinn Spectrophotometer Laboratory Manual
When you order the Flinn Scientific Spectrophotometer you will also receive free, the Flinn Scientific Spectrophotometer Laboratory Manual. This remarkable reference provides 14 practical, teacher-tested laboratory experiments. Most of the experiment...
Spectronic 200
The cutting edge Spectronic 200 incorporates the latest optical and detector technologies providing excellent performance in your classroom. Durable spectrophotometer automatically performs a zero %T measurement at start-up, and features a one-button...
Replacement Lamp for Spectronic 200, Alpha-Numeric Serial Number
Replacement bulbs for the Spectronic 200, Catalog No. AP7453. If your Spectronic 200 has a serial number with numbers and letters, then you need the AP7748, which is sold individually. If your Spectronic 200 has a serial number with only numbers, the...
Spectrophotometer Cuvets, 1/2", Square, Plastic, 10/pkg
Cuvets, ½" Square Disposable, Set of 100 Cuvets and 20 Lids
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Ultraviolet and visible spectroscopy with one instrument! Dramatically increase your spectroscopy lab capability with this versatile, affordable UV-Vis spectrophotometer. You can use is for all of your favorite visible spectroscopy labs as wells as f...
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