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Project Star Student Spectrometer
Heavy-duty, yet compact version of the traditional spectrometer-an incredibly durable and accurate device! • Identify elements (such as mercury, sodium, hydrogen, neon) in flame spectra, spectrum tubes, solar spectra, fluorescent lamps, and even stre...
This inexpensive, hand-held, diffraction grating spectroscope will measure wavelengths of light from 400-700 nanometers (nm) with an accuracy of ±5 nm. Great for use with spectrum tubes or when doing flame tests. Students will better understand spect...
RSpec Explorer
Spectroscopy the whole class can see! The RSpec Explorer makes it possible for an entire class or lecture hall to see study light spectra and emission lines at the same time with a real example. You can even use the RSpec Explorer to challenge studen...
Spectroscope, Advanced
Measure the angles of prisms using the Law of Reflection, demonstrate optics phenomena with a diffraction grating or measure the wavelengths of monochromatic light sources with this economical spectrometer. Reliable results will be obtained while stu...
Flinn C-Spectra™, 8" x 10" Sheet
Flinn C-Spectra™—The Diffraction Grating Alternative Wow!! That's what students will say when they see the colors of the spectrum using the Flinn C-Spectra™. The vivid spectrum with distinct color separations helps students understand and enjoy the s...
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