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Chemistry Investigations for Use with AP Chemistry
16 progressive inquiry-based laboratory experiments using Vernier technology. All experiments are aligned with the College Board. Topics include:• Water hardness • Acid-base titrations • Buffers• LeChatelier's principle • Separating molecules• ...
Advanced Chemistry Using Technology
Exciting lab manual has 30 advanced chemistry experiments designed for use with Vernier data-collection systems. The first 22 experiments are directly correlated with the 22 experiments recommended by The College Board for AP Chemistry courses. The f...
Chemistry with Vernier Lab Manual
More than 30 ready-to-use chemistry experiments covering the following topics: • Endothermic/Exothermic reactions • Ideal gas law experiments • Evaporation and intermolecular attraction • Vapor pressure of liquids • Heat of combustion• Heat o...
Investigating Chemistry Through Inquiry
Explore chemistry using inquiry and Vernier sensors. Book contains 25 inquiry lab activities in which students design research experiments based on their own questions and hypotheses. Each experiment begins with a Preliminary Activity to get students...
Organic Chemistry with Vernier
Easily incorporate Vernier data-collection technology into your organic chemistry lab curriculum. 26 experiments cover topics including:• Synthesis • Optical rotation  • Determining melting temperature• Analysis of natural products  •...
Investigating Biology Through Inquiry
Integrate inquiry and technology into your existing biology curriculum. 23 open- and guided-inquiry experiments using Vernier sensors in the following categories: buffers, diffusion, osmosis, catalase, enzyme activity, cellular respiration, photosynt...
Biology with Vernier Lab Manual
30 dynamic life science experiments including the following topics: • Enzyme action • Ecosystem interdependence • Biological membranes • Protein biochemistry • Energy in food • Plant transpiration • Fermentation • Acid rain
Human Physiology with Vernier
More than 20 experiments designed to encourage students to think about the physiology of various human organ systems by measuring the activity exerted by each. Content includes: • Heart rate • Blood pressure  • EMG • Warming function of nasal...
Physics with Vernier Lab Manual
34 advanced physics experiments for use with the LabPro. Topics include: • Simple harmonic motion • Acceleration • Projective motion • Sound waves and beats • Ohm's law • Newton's second law • Electrical energy • Impulse and momentum
Physical Science with Vernier Lab Manual
40 exciting physical science experiments. Some experiments require the LabPro. Topics include: • Solar homes and heat sinks • An insulated cola bottle • Conductivity of saltwater: the effect of concentration • Frictional forces • An incline...
Water Quality with Vernier
Eighteen water quality labs, nine of which are supported in the Water Quality Index (WQI). Labs include a comprehensive introduction, materials list, step-by-step instructions, data tables and questions. Topics include:• Temperature • pH • Alkalin...
Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry
Thirty-four inquiry-based environmental science labs that fit both AP and IB standards. Topics include: • The living world • Pollution • Water quality • Wind power • Energy conversion • Weather studies • Productivity • Deposition • Soil p...
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