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- Advanced Biology Study Kits
Exploring the Rate of Diffusion - Student Laboratory Kit
Deepen your students’ understanding of the factors that affect diffusion with this advanced-level study kit. Students will investigate how three variables influence the rate of diffusion of dye molecules in agar. Explore the quantitative effects of t...
Enzyme Optimization Guided Inquiry Kit
Lab isn't always about getting the “right” answer; it's also about learning to think. The purpose of this inquiry-based lab is to analyze background information, develop a hypothesis, and design and carry out an experiment to determine the optimum pH...
Mitosis and Meiosis Study Set
Comprehensive and informative cell division study set features six microscope slides, three colorful overhead transparencies, and detailed student worksheets. Allium root tips slide shows the lateral view of all mitosis stages. Whitefish embryo slide...
Counting Crossing Over - Sordaria Genetics Student Laboratory Kit
This simulation kit is a great alternative to conducting the full Sordaria genetics laboratory. Visual perithecium cards allow each student group to count crossed and non-crossed ascospores, to calculate the spore color gene map distance, and to comp...
Electron Capture and Photosynthesis -
Super Value Laboratory Kit
Capture electron transfer during photosynthesis—as well as student interest—using a redox indicator. Photosynthesis is the process that traps the energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water to glucose and oxygen, as well as ATP. In this ...
Mitochondria in Action - Student Laboratory Kit
Observe live, functioning mitochondria-right before your eyes! Typical staining procedures destroy functioning organelles. However, using the specialized stain included in this kit allows students to vividly see mitochondria breaking down sugar. Colo...
Transcription and Gene Expression in Bacteria Student Lab Kit
Explore the effect of temperature on gene expression in bacteria, and learn how genes are turned on and off in response to environmental conditions! Student lab kit provides a simple method to improve student understanding of the factors that control...
Fruit Fly Genetics Simulation Kit
Want to perform a fruit fly genetics lab without setting up and maintaining live Drosophila cultures? This kit is for you! Students use hands-on card activity to investigate all of the key genetics concepts, including genotypes versus phenotypes, dom...
Metabolism Experiment
Introductory metabolism studies with living organisms are greatly simplified when using the unique metabolism chambers in this kit. Students can observe small living organisms and draw correlations between the size of an organism, temperature of the ...
Nematode Study Kit
The best way to learn about living organisms is to watch their behavior firsthand. Students will use the Nematode Extractors in this kit to collect Nematodes from local soils. Everyone will be amazed to see what they can drive out of the soil samples...
Water Quality Index (WQI) Field Trip - Student Laboratory Kit
This all-inclusive water quality test kit has it all! Analyze the properties of a local lake, river, or stream, and determine the overall water quality, using the Water Quality Index system. The Water Quality Index (WQI) is an environmental quality “...
Regulation—AP Biology Review Demonstration Kit
Engaging review activities to help students explain and predict mechanisms of biological regulation at the cellular and organismic levels for the AP Biology Exam! The College Board lists regulation as one of the eight major themes for an integrated a...
Structure and Function - AP Biology Review Demonstration Kit
The major biology theme of structure and function occurs frequently in the essay portion of the AP exam. Use these three biology demonstrations to cement student understanding of the connection between the structure and the function of a biomolecule ...
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