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Heart Model
The low-cost, life-size heart model is hand painted in full color, anatomically correct, and priced well below any heart models of this quality. The heart is dissectible into two parts so all internal and external structures and functions can be dem...
Heart Model, Life-size, Two-part
Detailed, hand-painted model is dissectible into two parts-facilitating study of internal and external anatomy. External details show the atrial and ventricular walls, major incurrent and excurrent blood vessels, and coronary arteries and veins. The ...
Heart Model, The Heart of America
The Heart of America™, fully twice the size of a healthy adult heart, includes 63 structures permanently number coded on the model and identified in the key. Hinged portals give you full visual and physical access to heart chambers and valves. Life-l...
Heart Model Activity Set
Heart and its surrounding internal structures are clearly depicted in full, lifelike color. A finely detailed graphic model shows arterial and venous systems and enables students to trace blood flow through the body. Insets of an enlarged vein, valve...
Blood Cells Chart
Twenty-four photomicrographs, at a magnification of 3100X, clearly show all normal human blood cell types. The Wright stain preparations include several views of each of the following: erythrocytes, platelets, neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, lym...
Blood Typing Wall Chart
Histological Charts   This remarkable chart series features vivid, full-color photographs and photomicrographs of fundamental biological structures, systems and phenomena. From cell division to life cycles, to human tissues and organ systems,...
The Human Heart Poster Series, Laminated
An exciting new look at the structure and function of the human heart is captured in this poster series. The “Heart's Parts” graphically depicts the internal anatomy of the human heart. “Heart Cycles” clearly makes the circulation of blood understand...
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