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- Models & Posters
Brain Model, Nine-Part
Similar to the two-part brain but with greatly enhanced detail and a total of nine dissectible parts. Each of the brain halves can be further disassembled into frontal/parietal lobes, temporal/occipital lobes, brain stem, cerebellum and basilar arter...
Brain Model, Economy Choice
This affordably priced, life-sized model is highly detailed and features a median section of the brain exposing all major brain structures. The brain separates into four parts. Key structures can be identified using the key card provided. The model h...
Brain Model, Two-part
Accurately cast of an unbreakable vinyl plastic, this life-size model is an essential, three-dimensional tool for studying the human brain. Model can be divided into right and left halves-revealing key internal structures. Major anatomical features a...
Nervous Tissue Chart
Full-color photomicrographic sections through the spinal cord, nerve fibers, cerebellum, cerebrum, and a spinal cord squash provide an invaluable asset to the study of the nervous system. Each image is accompanied by a caption denoting the origin, oc...
Nervous System Wall Graphic
Limited floor or counter space? Empty space on the wall? Fill it with the same detailed, accurate, and high-quality human anatomy wall graphics that are used in actual medical offices! Powered by the well-known Fathead® technology, this BodyPartC...
The Human Brain Poster Series, Laminated
Brilliantly illustrated and loaded with facts, this poster series provides a unique visual introduction to the fascinating human brain. Using cutaway imagery and colorful diagrams, “Brain Matters” explores the brain's structure. “Brain Works” reveals...
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