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- Torsos
Mini-Torso Model
Don't let its economy price fool you-this is a legitimate teaching tool. You will be amazed at the detail packed into this 10" tall torso! With 12 removable organs and over 55 identified body structures, this torso will provide excellent three-d...
Mini Torso with Head, 12-part
Approximately half life-size, this compact and affordable torso is cast and painted in remarkable detail. Students can see and study the components of all major organs and organ systems-revealed in full, lifelike color. Removable parts include the he...
School Torso with Head, 16-part
A best-buy torso designed to meet the needs and budgets of high school classrooms. Molded of a very durable and unbreakable vinyl-plastic-painstakingly hand-painted to highlight and enhance fine anatomical detail. Parts include: head with one side ex...
Torso, 25-Part with Dual Sex
A torso model ideally suited for anatomy classes from high school through junior college. The meticulous hand-painted details permit careful, in-depth study. Torso parts include: head with one side exposed to show skull, removable half-brain, removab...
Torso, 27-part, Dual Sex with Open Spine and Back
Our most advanced human torso model featuring 27 realistic, hand-painted, reproductions of all internal organs down to their smallest details. With all systems and anatomical structures shown and accessible, this model is a must for any advanced biol...
Transparent Man Model
Make human anatomy crystal “clear” to your students using the Transparent Man and Transparent Woman models! Detailed transparent models give your students an in-depth look at the human skeletal, digestive, and cardiovascular systems. Model kits inclu...
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