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- Animal Study Kits
Drosophila Basics—Studying the Monohybrid Cross
Drosophila melanogaster—the common fruit fly—serves as an ideal organism to study the basic laws of heredity in this month-long lab activity. Students will witness inheritance patterns by performing a monohybrid cross between the wild-type and mutant...
Drosophila Laboratory Kit
All the basic material requirements for conducting experiments with Drosophila. A convenient and economical package including: 30 vials, 30 foam plugs, 30 pieces of vial netting, instant culture medium, sorting brushes, and a copy of the Flinn Drosop...
Metabolism Experiment
Introductory metabolism studies with living organisms are greatly simplified when using the unique metabolism chambers in this kit. Students can observe small living organisms and draw correlations between the size of an organism, temperature of the ...
Ant Farm, Giant
Escape-proof (a key feature) and break-resistant, the giant ant farm gives students a peek into the hidden world of nature's tiniest engineers. This is the largest classroom-sized version of the classic ant farm—15"W X 10"H!   A...
Nematode Study Kit
The best way to learn about living organisms is to watch their behavior firsthand. Students will use the Nematode Extractors in this kit to collect Nematodes from local soils. Everyone will be amazed to see what they can drive out of the soil samples...
Experimental Design with Pillbugs
Let your students design and conduct their own controlled experiments. The lowly little pillbug is a perfect inquiry laboratory organism. They are odorless, easy to obtain, maintain, and handle while displaying an amazing variety of behaviors that ca...
Follow Those Pheromones - Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit
Learn about termites and study animal behavior! Termites are an important part of food chains and soil ecosystems with a complex caste system. Each member of the colony must communicate with other colony members in order for the colony to thrive. Ter...
Stuck-on Artemia Kit
Motivate your students with this cleverly designed embryology activity. Using a unique microscopic grid, students anchor brine shrimp cysts and watch their embryological development from a few cells to free-swimming larva! The stuck-on cyst technique...
LD50 Kit- Bioassay for Measuring Toxicity
Chemical toxicity is rarely tested directly on humans. Toxicologists use key organisms, like rats, in their experiments and then infer potential consequences on humans. One measure of toxicity is the LD50 number. LD means the lethal dose of a chemica...
Two Heads are Better Than One - Planaria Regeneration Student Laboratory Kit
Are two heads really better than one? Have students explore the amazing capability of planaria regeneration and more using this hands-on laboratory kit! Four different planaria activities are combined to give students an in-depth understanding of thi...
All About Earthworms! Super Value Laboratory Kit
Go beyond a typical dissection and study a live earthworm as part of this lesson. First, students observe live earthworms move, and respond to the environment. Then they dissect preserved earthworms with special emphasis on the muscles responsible fo...
McWorm: Invertebrate Fast Food Kit
Observe predator-prey behaviors with live organisms! Watching organisms attack prey is sure to create tremendous student interest and hone observational skills. The soft-bodied oligochaete worm Lumbriculus variegatus is a frequent prey of vertebrate ...
Studying Heart Rate Using Daphnia -
Student Laboratory Kit
Daphnia magna, also known as water fleas, are transparent crustaceans that serve as an ideal organism to study the physiological responses to various stimuli. In this lab, Daphnia are exposed to both a stimulant and depressant as well as varying envi...
Characteristics of Protists - Student Laboratory Kit
Explore the diverse microscopic world of protists with this innovative lab activity. The diversity of the Protista kingdom is represented by Euglena, Paramecium, Amoeba, diatoms, and colonial Volvox. Students begin the laboratory with a detailed stud...
Fish Fitness—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™
In the cut-throat world beneath the sea, it's eat or be eaten! Fish need to be in the best shape possible in order to outrun predators as well as catch up to prey. Fish Fitness takes cross-fit to a whole new level by allowing your students to craft t...
Beaks—Flinn STEM Design Challenge™
Physical attributes of organisms change over time to ensure the survival of a species. Bird beaks are no exception. What makes one beak better than another? In this activity, students use predetermined beak designs and put into action a custom beak d...
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