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- Advanced Kits
Morphology of Cancer Cells
Your students become pathologists when they fix, stain, and mount specimens of both cancer cells and normal cells. Cancer cells show many unique features when compared to normal cells. Some of these differences are readily visible under a light micro...
Analysis of Eco RI Cleavage Patterns of Lambda Phage of DNA, 5 gels
The Lambda DNA used in this experiment is isolated as a linear molecule from the E. coli bacteriophage lambda. It comprises approximately 49,000 base pairs and has five recognition sites for Eco RI. Students will run a comparison-based electrophoresi...
Blue/White Cloning of a DNA Fragment - Student Laboratory Kit
Blue/white screening is one of the ways scientists determine if cloning has been successful. In this kit, students complete a ligation, a transformation, and an assay, which is based upon the blue/white colony screening protocol. If the gene that exp...
C. elegans Ecology Experiment Kit
In as little as two weeks your students can become working scientists using the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans. Because this small nematode—1-mm long as an adult—responds like a higher order animal, it is used in many industries and research f...
Protein Electrophoresis
Take agarose electrophoresis to the next level by separating and analyzing proteins. This advanced biotechnology kit provides stepwise instructions for extracting proteins from plant or animal tissues and visualizing them using electrophoresis. Kit i...
PCR-Based DNA Fingerprinting Kit
PCR-polymerase chain reaction- is an amazing technique used to “amplify” a mere trace of DNA into enough material to fully analyze. In this kit, students actually get to use this amazing modern technique! PCR amplification of simulated crime scene an...
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