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AP Biology - 10 Quick Steps to Get Started Book
So you have just been informed you will teach AP biology for the first time. Don't panic-this book is designed to be read in an hour or less and will give you a quick overview of the most common problems encountered in teaching AP biology for the fir...
The First Days of School Book
Improve your teaching skills! This well-organized book contains a collection of helpful ideas, techniques and skill-building practices that have been shared by hundreds of experienced teachers. Learn the three characteristics of an effective teacher:...
Eureka! Great Inventions and How They Happened Book
How do people come up with the great inventions that make our lives easier? Eureka! looks at 29 moments in history associated with some of the world's greatest inventions and discoveries. From Newton's historic discovery of the laws of gravity to the...
Making Your First Year a Success Book
Want a jump start on “learning the ropes”? Review your teacher training and improve your professional skills with this informative teacher's survival guide written specifically for first-year teachers. Learn how to work well with students and communi...
The Complete Science Fair Handbook
As the title says, this is a complete science fair handbook, recommended for grades 4-8. A week-by-week guide is provided to help the student from start to finish. Everything from choosing a topic to the final presentation for the judges is included ...
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