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- Introductory Study Kits
Plant Pigment Chromatography - Student Laboratory Kit
Provide your students with an exciting method to study and compare plant pigments. Using thin-layer chromatography, students can separate and compare chlorophylls and accessory pigments found in two different plants. This kit makes it easy to set up ...
Growing Gloves Super Value Kit
What a view! Enable your students to clearly observe all the structures of “unknown” germinating seeds right on your classroom window. Clear, plastic, five-fingered gloves allow comparison of different plant embryos as they grow and develop into plan...
Seed Germination and Moisture
The experience of watching seeds germinate and determining what might affect that germination is very revealing to students. Students use a variety of “liquids” on radish seeds to determine their impact on germination. The results will surprise stude...
Seed Germination Set
A convenient selection of seeds for germination studies and experiments. Includes two types of dicot seeds (radish and pea) and two types of monocot seeds (barley and corn) so students can witness firsthand the developmental differences from seed to ...
Plant Wars Kit
Plants are “at war” all around us-engaging in allelopathy. Allelopathy is a poorly-understood process in which certain plants release chemicals that inhibit the growth of other plants. One of the best known examples is the black walnut, Juglans nigra...
The Grass Won't Grow
Why does grass grow in one area and not another? In this activity, seeds will be planted in two different environments and the results of growth compared. Following the rules of the scientific method, students will define the problem, make observatio...
Sun Print Paper
Just add sunlight and water to demonstrate a chemical reaction caused by ultraviolet light. At the same time you can create a photographic work of art! Put one or more objects on a sheet of this photosensitive paper and expose it to sunlight for seve...
Plants in the Spotlight - A Photosynthesis Investigation Kit
Illuminate student's understanding of photosynthesis, the process of “putting together with light.” This activity necessitates cooperation among lab groups as experiments are conducted to answer two important questions: Do plants prefer certain color...
Stomata and Transpiration Rates Student Laboratory Kit
Strengthen your students' knowledge and understanding of stomata and transpiration with this engaging two-part student lab activity. Students first observe the physical properties of stomata and determine the average number of stomata in a leaf by vi...
Gibberellic Acid and Plants Kit
What effects do hormones have on plants? Will different concentrations of hormones affect plants differently? Students will be introduced to plant hormones and will see firsthand the powerful effects of gibberellic acid. Students place gibberellic ac...
Hydroponics Experiment
The unique growth chambers in this kit enable students to view plants thriving in a nutrient solution and not in soil. They will compare the growth phases of five different plants and also experiment with induced nitrogen and iron deficiencies. This ...
Nutrient Deficiency in Plants, A Hydroponics Study Kit
Students will compare hydroponically grown plants with plants grown in soil. They will be amazed as they watch plants grow without soil! In their experimentation they will also study the effects of missing macro- and micro-nutrients. Pre-mixed nutri...
Characteristics of Algae - Student Laboratory Kit
Discover the realm of photosynthetic algae and increase student microscopy skills with this kit. Students compare and contrast living and preserved species from the groups Chrysophyta, Euglenophyta, and Chlorophyta, and investigate characteristics of...
Tree Growth Study Student Laboratory Kit
Trees contain some of nature's most accurate records of the past. Students will unlock these historical mysteries and uncover environmental trends of the past by studying actual tree round samples. The differences between hardwood and softwood trees,...
Tree Ring Dating Simulation Kit
“Methuselah” (4,723 years old!) is believed to be the oldest known living thing on Earth-a bristle cone pine tree located in Central California! How is the age of a tree determined?   Introduce your students to dendrochronology, the study of ...
Plant Tropisms Kit
Why do roots grow down and stems grow up? Can plants be fooled into different growth patterns? In this series of laboratory experiments, students grow plants in unique ways, observe patterns of plant root and stem growth, and answer questions about p...
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