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Plant Cell Model Kit
Colorful, teaching model designed specifically to withstand years of active student investigations of the plant cell. Excellent contrasting model to be used with the animal cell model (FB1370) for teaching the differences between plant and animal cel...
Flower Model Kit
Colorful, budget-priced teaching model made of resilient, non-toxic, damage-proof EVA foam. This rugged foam material allows for hands-on manipulation of the model without concern for breakage or damage. An excellent 3-D visual reference for teaching...
Dicot Flower Model
Representing a greatly enlarged, complete flower, this 17" x 14" x 10", non-breakable vinyl plastic model teaches the reproductive function of flowers, angiosperm pollination and fertilization. Three petals, four sepals and four stamen...
Flower Model Activity Set
This affordable model accurately depicts the essential parts of a flower. Cross-sectional view shows the process of fertilization from anther to ovary. 18" x 24" high-impact plastic. Includes a detailed activity notebook with lesson plan, m...
Leaf Structure Model
Students can view the structure of the leaf from all angles. The model shows the 3-D histological structure of a Beech leaf magnified 1,500 times. Clearly shown is the upper epidermis, palisade layer, parenchyma cells and lower epidermis with stomate...
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