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- Gas Laws/Properties of Gases
Massing Gases - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Make Avogadro proud by using his law to determine the molar mass of any gas, from helium to sulfur hexaflouride. The gas syringe and sampling apparatus allows you to sample and weigh any pure gas in less than one minute. The molar mass of the gas can...
Diffusion of Gases - Kinetic Energy Demonstration Kit
Molecules are moving! What proof is there for this incredible statement, and what factors influence the kinetic energy of moving molecules? Demonstrate the motion of invisible ammonia and hydrochloric acid gas molecules by their colorful reactions wi...
Seeing the Invisible - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Is it possible to pour a gas? Set up the specially designed ramp with equally spaced candles. Add a clear liquid to the beaker, hold the beaker at the top of the ramp, and pour the invisible contents. One by one the candles are snuffed out! The beake...
Pressure vs. Temperature Gas Law Apparatus
Demonstrate the relationship between the pressure and temperature of a gas, and accurately determine the value of absolute zero, with this innovative gas law apparatus. Apparatus consists of a Mason pressure flask fitted with a special stopper to ens...
Gas Law Apparatus
PV = nRT. High-quality apparatus demonstrates the relationship between pressure, volume and temperature of a gas. Place the valve into the open position and turn the hand crank to fill the cylinder with air to the desired volume. Then close the valve...
Generating and Detecting Ozone - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Ozone and oxygen are allotropes of oxygen and related molecules, but they have very different properties. Investigate the formation and properties of ozone with this novel, small-scale gas-generating kit. Ozone is produced as a byproduct of the elect...
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