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- Kinetics/Catalysts
A Flash of Blue - Chemical Demonstration Kit
In a flash, like magic, a colorless solution turns a dramatic dark blue color. You and your students will be amazed by this popular starch-iodine clock reaction. Teacher Demonstration Notes included. Enough materials are provided to perform the demon...
Catalytic Spectrum Show - Chemical Demonstration Kit
A rainbow spectrum of color changes provides visual proof of the effect of a catalyst. Hydrogen peroxide is added to two separate flasks, each containing a basic solution of sodium thiosulfate, along with universal indicator. One flask also contains ...
Iodine Clock Reaction: Effect of Concentration, Temperature, and a Catalyst on Reaction Rate -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Mix two colorless solutions and watch as, after a few seconds, they suddenly change from colorless to dark blue. What an attention-getter! This kit allows you to quantitatively demonstrate the popular iodine-starch clock reaction. In each demonstrati...
"Magic Genie" - Chemical Demonstration Kit
When sodium iodide is dropped into a flask containing 30% hydrogen peroxide, a “magical” genie appears in the form of water vapor and oxygen. Teacher Demonstration Notes included. Enough materials are provided to perform the demonstration seven times...
Kinetics of a First-Order Reaction - Chemical Demonstration Kit
First-order kinetics come alive as this hydrolysis reaction undergoes repeated color changes of yellow and blue. Bromthymol blue indicator, tert-butyl chloride, water, and a known amount of sodium hydroxide are added together forming a blue solution....
Old Foamey - Chemical Demonstration Kit
This will be your students' favorite chemical reaction! Mix a combination of chemicals together with dishwashing liquid in a tall borosilicate cylinder and stand back. Watch as a large amount of soapy foam erupts from the cylinder. The catalyzed deco...
Sudsy Kinetics - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Teach kinetics in a fun and sudsy way! This three-part demonstration provides an interesting twist on the traditional “Old Foamey” demonstration. Show your students the effect of concentration on reaction rate, observe a reaction intermediate and tes...
The Cinnamon Clock Reaction - Chemical Demonstration Kit
A clock reaction is conducted using cinnamaldehyde, the organic molecule extracted from cinnamon sticks. Color changes are fascinating. Rates of reaction can also be discussed. Entire demonstration smells of cinnamon. Teacher Demonstration Notes incl...
The Pink Catalyst - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Learn how a catalyst works by observing the color changes of pink cobalt ions. You'll see the catalyst as it gets swept up in the oxidation of tartrate by hydrogen peroxide, changes into a green intermediate, and then reappears again at the end. A su...
The ROY G BIV Clock Reaction -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
The visible spectrum has been displayed many ways, but never quite as spectacularly as this! Take seven different dry chemical mixtures and add each to a separate beaker. Pour a clear liquid into each beaker. In less than a minute, the large pH chang...
"Visualizing the Transition State" - Demonstration Model
Kinetics concepts are by nature abstract. How do you explain to students that the transition state lies at the “top of a potential energy barrier” and is “inherently unstable?” Demonstrate the properties of the transition state or activated complex w...
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