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- Oscillating Reactions
Fantastic Four-Color Oscillator -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Students won't believe their eyes as they watch this amazing oscillating reaction! Simply measure out and pour together four solutions, wait about 10 seconds, and observe the solution flash to green and then to blue and to purple and to red. And if t...
Fluorescent Oscillating Reaction - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Eerie and incredibly cool! Mix colorless and orange solutions in a beaker and start stirring. The color of the solution changes from orange to green. Dim the lights, switch on a black light and the real show begins! Observe the brilliant, fluorescent...
Now You See It, Now You Don't - An Oscillating Chemical Reaction - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Amaze your students! Pretend you have magical powers that can cause the color of a solution to alter between orange and colorless. Simply add three white solids to a colorless solution and presto—the solution turns orange, then colorless, and then or...
The Effervescent Oscillator - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Oscillating reactions typically involve eye-catching color changes but here's a unique one where the oscillations are between the generation and cessation of gas bubbles. A colorless solution will effervesce intensely and then the bubbling will decre...
The Overhead Oscillating Clock -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Oscillating clock reactions are captivating due to their colorful and unpredictable changes. This variation of a classic oscillating reaction is easily performed on an overhead projector. Simply place a Petri dish on the overhead, add three solutions...
The Yellow and Blue Switcheroo - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Your students will think you are the king or queen of chemistry when you do this amazing demonstration. Three colorless solutions are mixed to produce a yellow solution and then suddenly the solution turns blue, then yellow again, etc. The solution w...
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