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- Oxidation-Reduction
Foiled Again - Aluminum Loses to Copper - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Watch metallic copper appear instantaneously as aluminum foil is added to aqueous cupric chloride. Try adding aluminum foil to aqueous cupric sulfate—no copper forms and aluminum survives! Add a catalyst—copper appears and aluminum is foiled again! S...
The Floating Tin Sponge - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Before your very own eyes, you can actually see the formation of shiny tin crystals. The tin is produced by the addition of zinc to a tin(II) chloride solution. Bubbles of hydrogen produced in the reaction float the aggregate tin to the surface like ...
A Colorful Decomposition of a Carbonate - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Challenge students to deduce the chemical reaction that leads to dramatic color changes when a sample of copper carbonate is heated. Copper carbonate is added to a flask and a wine airlock containing bromthymol blue solution is placed on top of the f...
Rapid Oxidation - Chemical Demonstration Kit
This is one of the safer fire, brimstone and smoke reactions. When you add a small amount of glycerin to potassium permanganate, your students will witness the oxidation of glycerin by a permanganate. The reaction is very dramatic with lots of smoke ...
Feeling Blue - Chemical Demonstration Kit
No one is exempt from an occasional “bout with the blues.” The blues come and go as in this demo. Two colorless solutions and an indicator are mixed, producing a blue solution. Upon standing, the solution becomes colorless. The solution alternates be...
Stop-'N-Go Light - Chemical Demonstration Kit
When you shake this flask of solution, the color of the solution will turn from a soft yellow to a bright red to a light, grassy green and then shift back to yellow again. Your students will love this reaction because they can help shake the flask an...
The Reversible Orange and Blue Reaction - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Astonishing, fascinating, amazing, and incredible are just a few words to describe this easy-to-do demonstration. A warm, clear, blue solution starts to bubble, the temperature rises, the bubbling becomes vigorous and suddenly the solution becomes an...
Colorful Electrolysis - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate simple electrolysis in a very colorful and dramatic way on your overhead projector. A 9-V battery supplies the power and universal indicator provides the color show. As electrolysis occurs in the Petri dish, the pH changes at the anode an...
Reversible Tin Man - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Grow a beautiful “tin-man” crystal tree using this electrifying demonstration! This quick and simple demonstration will teach oxidation-reduction principles and show students the components of a simple electrolytic cell. Students will enjoy watching ...
Writing with Electricity - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Get a charge out of writing with electricity! Demonstrate the key concepts of electrochemistry, including anodic and cathodic reactions, by using a copper “pen” to follow the flow of electrons in the electrolysis of aqueous potassium iodide. Students...
The Electrochemical Clock Kit - Irwin Talesnick's Orange Juice Clock
Arouse student curiosity. Irwin Talesnick's famous orange juice clock is guaranteed to get your students thinking! How does the clock work? How long will the clock run on orange juice? Can you use something other than orange juice? Hundreds of questi...
Colorful Oxidation States of Manganese - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Create a series of colorful solutions of manganese-containing ions and solids showing the various hues produced by the six oxidation states of manganese. Project the image of a 6-well plate filled with solutions of manganese(II) ions and manganese(VI...
The Hydrogen Peroxide Rainbow - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Produce a rainbow of colors by demonstrating how hydrogen peroxide can both oxidize and reduce. Hydrogen peroxide (which is a colorless solution) will cause another colorless solution to turn yellow then red-orange. It also has the ability to make a ...
Redox and the Goddess of Beauty -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Because of its beautiful multicolored compounds, vanadium, atomic number 23, was named after the Scandinavian Goddess of Beauty, Vanadis. In this demonstration, a yellow vanadate solution goes through a series of color changes when shaken together wi...
The Copper Test Tube - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Take a test tube which “appears” to be absolutely clear, add a few drops of different chemical solutions, swirl the test tube around and place it in hot water. Before your students' very eyes, they will see a beautiful film of copper develop and depo...
The Gold Rush - Turning Pennies into Silver and Gold - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate to your students what the alchemists only dreamed about. Turn an ordinary copper penny into silver and then into gold. Students will watch as you place pennies into a chemical solution which turns the pennies silver. Then, over heat, the ...
The Silver Mirror Award - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Reward student achievement or creativity with the “silver mirror award,” a beautiful silver-mirrored flask that you create in the lab. Simply combine four solutions in the Florence flask provided with the kit, swirl, and voilá—a thin, reflective silv...
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