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- Physical Properties
Boiling in a Syringe - Demonstration Kit
Water always boils at 100 °C, right? Not always! Water boils at 100 °C at 1 atmosphere of pressure. Every liquid boils at the temperature at which its vapor pressure equals the pressure above its surface. Change the pressure and the required boiling ...
"Bouncing Ball" Distillation - Demonstration Kit
Phase changes such as melting and evaporation can be very “moving” events when molecules are the size of balls! A tub-full of jumbo rubber balls is a perfect demonstration device for comparing the energy and motion of molecules in the solid, liquid, ...
Cincinnati Form Franklin Flask - Demonstration Kit
The ultimate in discrepant events. Show students that you can boil water by cooling it! Fill the specially designed flask one-third full with water. Bring the water to a boil and then remove the flask from the heat. Place a rubber stopper fitted with...
Salting Out - Density Bottle Demonstration Kit
Two layers of beads are suspended in the middle of a bottle. Give the bottle a shake and the beads move to opposite ends. The beads then slowly move back to the starting position. How does this happen? Two liquid layers of differing densities create ...
Density Demonstration Bottles
Students will be mesmerized by watching the layers in these bottles move and separate as they are turned upside-down, swirled, and shaken. Begin your discussion on density by displaying one bottle in front of the class. Later in the week, switch the ...
Hot Wax - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Have you ever had melted wax drip on you? It's hot! When melted wax solidifies, enough heat may be released to cause severe skin burns. Find out how much heat is released when melted wax solidifies with this three-part demonstration. • Measure the te...
Intermolecular Attractions - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Molecules can't be seen, but we can see the forces between molecules. Use this set of four demonstrations to show students what happens when molecules attract each other—or don't! • Floating Oil Droplet The difference in densities of water and ethyl ...
Lopsided Liquid - Chemical Demonstration Kit
A free-flowing U-shaped tube contains what appears to be a homogenous blue liquid, yet the liquid levels in the sides of the tube are unequal. No tricks involved—just density! This simple demonstration is guaranteed to heighten student interest on th...
Kinetic-Molecular Theory - Multi-Demonstration Kit
The kinetic-molecular theory may be summarized in one simple phrase—molecules in motion! The demonstrations in this kit provide visual evidence for this important concept. Visualizing molecules in motion helps students understand and compare the kine...
Mass Is Conserved - Volume Is Not! Chemical Demonstration Kit
50 + 50 doesn’t always equal 100! Many students have heard that matter is not created or destroyed. This concept relates to mass but not to volume or moles. Show students that adding two identical volumes does not always give twice the volume when co...
Red, White and Blue Density Column - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Create a beautiful, red, white and blue density column to demonstrate the salting-out effect, relative density, and the miscibility of organic solvents with water. The density column contains three liquid layers consisting of toluene, methyl alcohol,...
Surface Tension Jar - Demonstration Kit
Quickly and easily demonstrate the remarkable properties of surface tension, air pressure, and cohesion using a simple jar. Place a laminated card over the screen-covered mouth of a jar. Flip the jar over and observe as the card stays in place. Remov...
The Disappearing Beaker - Demonstration Kit
Set a beaker in another, pour in pale yellow oil and the beaker disappears! In this entertaining demonstration of refractive index, show your students that there's more to light travel than “meets the eye.” By matching the index of refraction of glas...
Water Spouts - Kinetic vs. Potential Energy - A Torricelli's Law Demonstration Kit
Science includes observation that sparks curiosity. If a full water bottle has three outlets—one at the top, one in the middle and one near the bottom will the water flow from each outlet in the same manner? The Water Spouts demonstration is a visual...
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