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- Radioactivity
Half-Life Simulation - Classroom Activity Kit
Roll the dice! Radioactive decay is a spontaneous and completely random process. The probability that a specific atom will decay after a certain period of time can be modeled by another random process, the rolling of dice. In this cooperative classro...
Nuclear Fission - Demonstration Kit
What exactly is a nuclear reaction? How is it possible for so much energy to be released so quickly? Demonstrate the properties of a nuclear chain reaction with this creative domino-toppling activity. The demonstration starts with two sets of 112 dom...
Radon Test - Demonstration Kit
Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless radioactive gas formed by the natural decomposition of uranium. Radon may be found naturally in soil, rock formations, water, or air. Radon poses no risk when released outdoors. The problem occurs when radon ...
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