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- Stoichiometry/Moles
Mole Ratio - Chemical Demonstration Kit
How do you determine a balanced chemical equation when you only know the formulas of the reactants? In this interactive demonstration, the method of continuous variation is presented to the students for the oxidation–reduction reaction of sodium hypo...
Mole Set - Demonstration Model
Avogadro's mole number, 6.02 x 1023, is huge! Help clarify the concept of the mole by showing your students 6.02 x 1023 atoms of four different elements. Students will quickly grasp the ideas of mass, moles and molar mass when they compare these four...
Stoichiometry Balloon Races - Chemical Demonstration Kit
If a little is good, more is better, right? Not necessarily! In a chemical reaction, the amount of product that can be obtained depends on the mole ratio of reactants. If the moles of one reactant are limited, it does not matter how much of a second ...
Stoichiometry and Solubility - Mole Ratios and Chemical Formulas - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Teach students about chemical formulas, balanced chemical equations, and mole ratios with this unique “continuous variation” demonstration. Mix two solutions in various proportions and measure the volume of precipitate that forms in each mixture. Why...
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