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- Visible Spectra
Absorption Spectroscopy - Demonstration Kit
What is the relationship between the color of a solution and the wavelengths of light passing through it? With this kit, teachers can demonstrate to their students continuous and absorption spectra. It works in almost any room with the lights off wit...
Oooh! Aaah! Style Flame Tests -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate the characteristic colors of several metal ions with a flame test that is large enough for an entire classroom to observe. An easy setup and excellent flame colors make this kit a perfect addition to your chemistry demonstrations. Add a f...
Is There Sodium in Bananas?
Flame Test Demonstration Kit
Bananas are a good source of potassium—but do they also contain sodium? This flame test demonstration provides a safe, unique method for observing flame test colors of metal ions—no flammable solvents required! Demonstrate the characteristic colors p...
Kaleidoscoptical Activity - Demonstration Kit
A radially polarized filter is placed on an overhead projector stage and a regular (parallel) polarized filter is positioned above it. As expected, the image produced shows four quadrants, alternating light-dark-light-dark. As an optically active sol...
Flame Test / Emission Spectroscopy - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Each element emits a specific wavelength of light, thus a characteristic color, when excited by a flame. This unique flame test kit produces better results and is easier to perform than the expensive platinum wire procedure. A laboratory burner is pl...
Color Flame Candles, Pkg. of 12
Demonstrate colored flames from salts and metals while learning about the electromagnetic spectrum with these economical color flame candles. Challenge students to identify the unknown element(s) in the candles by performing flame tests. Explore real...
Holographic Diffraction Grating Film
Diffraction grating film (holographic type). A diffraction grating is a plane surface which contains literally tens of thousands of microscopic lines or grooves. A phenomenon called “diffraction” causes white light to be split or diffracted into its ...
Flinn C-Spectra™, 8" x 10" Sheet
Flinn C-Spectra™—The Diffraction Grating Alternative Wow!! That's what students will say when they see the colors of the spectrum using the Flinn C-Spectra™. The vivid spectrum with distinct color separations helps students understand and enjoy the s...
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