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- Equilibrium
Characteristics of Chemical Equilibrium -
Activity-Stations Kit
Chemical equilibrium is a balancing act-what happens when the balance is disturbed? In this activity-stations lab, students investigate various reaction conditions that may influence that balance. Four “mini-lab” activities are set up around the clas...
Exploring Equilibrium: It Works Both Ways - Student Laboratory Kit
Our physical sense of equilibrium suggests a condition of equal balance—in the motion of a seesaw, the swing of a pendulum, the stretch of a spring. How does physical equilibrium translate to the properties of chemical equilibrium? In this comprehens...
Gas Phase Equilibrium - Student Laboratory Kit
This real-world application kit is just what you need to heighten your students’ interest in equilibrium topics! Provide them with the tools they need to conduct an exciting simulation of smog production and ozone depletion experiments in your lab. I...
Modeling Equilibrium - Super Value Kit
What is equilibrium? What happens to the amounts of reactants and products when equilibrium is reached? What if more reactants or products are then added? Well, seeing is believing! In this cooperative classroom activity, student use plastic nickels ...
Restoring Balance - LeChâtelier's Principle and Equilibrium - Student Laboratory Kit
Equilibrium is a true chemical balancing act. What happens when the delicate balance is disturbed? In this classic chemistry experiment, students examine how concentration and temperature affect the sensitive “pink-and-blue” balance in the complex-io...
The Equilibrium Constant - Student Laboratory Kit
The more a reaction at equilibrium changes, the more it stays the same! That's because the only “constant” for a reaction at equilibrium is a mathematical relationship of concentrations called the equilibrium constant. In this quantitative experiment...
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