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- General Science
Cartesian Diver Construction - Super Value Kit
Students learn the relationship between pressure and air volume and how air volume acts to regulate buoyancy by constructing Cartesian divers made of simple equipment and materials. Procedures for constructing 11 different types of Cartesian divers a...
Conservation of Mass and Buoyancy - Student Laboratory Kit
In a chemical reaction, matter is neither created nor destroyed, except in this apparent contradictory experiment! Students will understand what is really measured when we “weigh” something on a balance. Students first conduct an experiment to verify...
Discovering Density - Looking for Patterns and Trends - Super Value Laboratory Kit
Don't just give your students the definition and equation for density—let them discover the concept for themselves! Using either “gold” or “silver” metal shot, students collect mass and volume data, plot the data on a graph to identify the resulting ...
It's All About Density - An Introductory Super Value Activity-Stations Kit
Density—it's one of the first topics taught in every science class! Why spend time scrounging up density materials for a hands-on lab when you can have them ready to go in a moment's notice? This economical lab kit provides a complete introduction to...
Drawing Like da Vinci - A Recipe for Medieval Ink - Student Laboratory Kit
Before da Vinci could write his “code,” he needed ink. Where did he get the ink? He made it! Students will go back in time to the Middle Ages to discover the chemistry behind the ancient process of making ink. After investigating the chemical reactio...
Make Your Own Colorful Goggles -
Super Value Laboratory Kit
Let the creativity flow as students create their own personalized “designer” goggles! With this colorful goggle-dyeing kit, students can choose their favorite colors, school colors, or multi-colors and turn a standard pair of chemical-splash goggles ...
Measurement Challenge - A Density Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit
Give your students a challenge—the measurement challenge! With this innovative teacher-designed kit, students learn to make accurate measurements, estimate to the proper level of certainty, and apply rules for significant figures in calculations. Han...
How Scientists Measure - Activity-Stations Kit
The ability to make accurate measurements has many applications and is an essential skill for every science laboratory. In this activity-stations lab, students practice measuring mass, length, volume, temperature, and time. Five easy-to-set up activi...
Measurement in the Laboratory - Activity-Stations Kit
Help your students develop key measurement skills with this comprehensive lab activity. Students learn to use good laboratory techniques as they conduct six separate lab activities in which length, mass, temperature, and concentration are measured an...
Problem Solving on the Wildlife Refuge - Introduction to Unit Factoring - Super Value Kit
Students will have no fear as they enter the wildlife “unit-factoring” refuge! Students often forget to include units when solving problems or recording measurements, yet numbers without units are often meaningless. Take the confusion out of dimensio...
Shrink Plastic Measurement - Student Laboratory Kit
Measurement is a basic and essential component in many science laboratory investigations. In this unique activity, students practice and perfect their measurement skills using an incredible shrinking material known as shrink plastic. Students calcula...
Up, Up and Away - Hot Air Balloon Student Activity Kit
Up, Up, and Away—Fill the sky with colorful hot air balloons! Each student group will construct and launch their own giant hot air balloon. Students will learn how hot air balloons lift from the ground, stay afloat and eventually descend. A unique ba...
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