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- Oxidation-Reduction
Analysis of Hydrogen Peroxide - Student Laboratory Kit
How strong is your antiseptic? Hydrogen peroxide is a common drugstore chemical. As students look in the far reaches of their medicine cabinets at home, they are likely to find old bottles of hydrogen peroxide that have long since passed their prime....
Corrosion of Iron - Student Laboratory Kit
Study the process of corrosion and the activity series of metals with this colorful laboratory activity. Students will first place several iron nails in a bed of agar. Then, they will subject each nail to different conditions, such as surrounding the...
Iron Corrosion - Guided-Inquiry Kit
Rust is expensive! The cost of iron corrosion for equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement tops $300 billion per year in the United States alone. What kinds of conditions or treatments will reduce or prevent the corrosion of iron? In this guide...
Electrolysis of Water - Student Laboratory Kit
Electrolysis of water is a popular chemistry demonstration. It is also becoming a popular hands-on lab for students. Microscale electrolysis of water is safe from electric shock since only a 9-volt battery is used. The students will decompose water i...
Electroplating with Copper - Student Laboratory Kit
Mimic the everyday process of electroplating with this easy-to-perform lab. Students apply a thin, decorative, and protective layer of copper onto a metal key. Students investigate the mass changes that occur as the two electrodes—the key and the cop...
Iron(II) and Iron(III) Reactions - Student Laboratory Kit
Redox reactions are important not just in chemistry but also in biology and human nutrition. Help your students build vital connections between the sciences with this laboratory kit exploring the reactions of iron(II) and iron(III) compounds with oxi...
Make Your Own Silver Mirror - A Microscale Super Value Laboratory Kit
Beautiful silver chemistry "mirrors" real-life applications of oxidation and reduction! Students create microscale silvered culture tubes by reacting silver-ammonia complex ions with dextrose. Dextrose is a reducing sugar—it reduces silver ...
Ornament-Making - Student Laboratory Kit
Holiday fun—combine chemistry and art to design a holiday ornament! Ideal for use on the day before a holiday break, this laboratory kit reinforces redox concepts, while students think they are just having fun! Students will start with a simple piece...
Oxidation-Reduction Basics - Student Laboratory Kit
Redox, single replacement, metal reactivity, halogen reactivity! Students will gain an understanding of each of these concepts as they perform the laboratory activities in this kit. Reactions between various metals and metallic ion solutions to deter...
Single Replacement Reactions and Metal Activity - Student Laboratory Kit
Why do single replacement reactions occur in one direction only, with a more active metal always replacing the ion of a less active metal? A ranking of metals based on their relative reactivity and ease of oxidation is called an activity series. In t...
Silver Holiday Ornaments - Student Laboratory Kit
Beautiful chemistry! Create stunning silver ornaments to demonstrate a practical application of a classic redox reaction. Simply mix dextrose, a reducing sugar, with a basic solution containing silver-ammonia complex ions in a glass ornament ball, sw...
The Activity Series of the Elements - Student Laboratory Kit
The activity of zinc, copper, lead, magnesium and silver are tested. Small amounts of chemicals and metals produce less waste while still producing good results. The students will actually see more reactive metals going into solution while less react...
The Hollow Penny - Student Laboratory Kit
Pennies are made of copper, aren't they? The outside certainly is, but that's not the whole story. In this laboratory activity, students will investigate the chemical composition of post-1982 pennies using redox chemistry. Ideally performed as an ope...
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