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- Qualitative Analysis
Chemical Pollution in Water - A Qualitative Ion Test Super Value Kit
Water is an essential resource to humans. When trace amounts of certain chemicals enter our water supply, serious health problems may occur. In this activity, students will test for the presence of several types of simulated polluting chemical ions i...
Lead Testing - Super Value Laboratory Kit
Students love to play the role of an environmental “watchdog.” In this activity, students will test materials from their environment for lead content. Lead can be found in many common items and is very hazardous. We guarantee your students will enjoy...
Make Your Own Ozone Test Paper - Student Laboratory Kit
One of the most important decisions the human race will have to make this century is what to do about the destruction of the ozone layer. In 1839, ozone was discovered by Christian Schoenbein. He developed a way to measure ozone in the air using a mi...
Qualitative Analysis - Guided-Inquiry Kit
Lab isn't just about “getting the right answer,” although that's what your students may tell you. Learning how to design an experiment, based on scientific principles and logical reasoning, is often overlooked when students have to follow rigid proce...
Qualitative Analysis of 11 Unknowns - Super Value Laboratory Kit
Eleven white solids—they all look alike! How can they be identified? Students are challenged as they follow a qualitative analysis flow chart to determine the identity of the eleven unknowns—all common household substances. Following the flow chart, ...
Qualitative Ion Test - Super Value Kit
How do we analyze an unknown chemical? Making comparisons to “known” chemicals is one common method. In this laboratory activity, students will perform qualitative ion tests on four known anion and six known cation solutions. Then, students will be c...
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