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- Spectroscopy/Light
Cool Light - Student Laboratory Kit
Students will be amazed when they perform this chemiluminescence experiment. They will prepare two solutions and pour them simultaneously into a flask—producing a beautiful blue glow. An instruction sheet with a short history of chemiluminescence is ...
Blueprint T-Shirts - Student Laboratory Kit
Sure to be a student favorite! Use ultraviolet radiation from the sun to produce personalized, one-of-a-kind T-shirts! Photosensitive T-shirts are prepared by soaking white T-shirts in a solution containing two iron salts, ferric ammonium citrate and...
Quantitative Determination of Food Dyes - Student Laboratory Kit
Food dyes are everywhere, from food to drink to cosmetics! How much food dye is actually contained in products? In this experiment, determine how much or little of a series of food dyes are added to granular drink mixes to give these drinks their viv...
Flame Test - Student Laboratory Kit
Add a splash of color to your flame! In this kit, students will observe the characteristic color of light emitted by metallic salts when placed in a flame. By simply dipping a moist wooden splint in the solid metallic salt, then placing the wooden sp...
Making UV-Sensitive Paper - Student Laboratory Kit
Bring practical applications to your lesson on spectroscopy, light, or ultraviolet radiation with a lab that mimics aspects of the photographic process. Students will make their own sheets of photosensitive (also called blueprint) paper in the labor...
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