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- Bubbles
Bubble Thing
Create magical, unbelievable, humongous bubbles. Beautiful, iridescent six-, seven- or eight-foot bubbles that capture the imagination of any age. Bubbles are very easy to create once you have read the 43-page book entitled Big Bubbles Book by David ...
Giant Bubble Wand Kit
If you want to generate instant interest on the properties of matter, ask your students, “Would any of you like to be inside a bubble?” Watch as you are greeted with a classroom full of waving hands and eager students. Satisfy your studen...
Professor Bubbles Official Bubble Handbook
Become a bubble-ologist! Learn how to make giant bubbles, chains of bubbles, even bubbles inside of bubbles. Contains more than 34 fun bubble activities for all grade levels in varying degrees of difficulty. 1988, 96 pages, 8 1/2" x 5 1/4",...
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