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Putt Putt Boat - Demonstration Kit
Teach a boatload of science using this old-fashioned toy steamboat! These boats run exclusively on steam-wonderfully illustrating the conversion of chemical energy into mechanical energy. A small candle is used to heat water in a reservoir. The water...
Fuel Candles for Putt Putt Boat, Pkg. of 6
Fuel candles for use with Putt Putt Boat - Demonstration Kit (Catalog No. AP6476). Package of 6 fuel candles.
Wind Bag
Students will be blown away by your amazing lung power. The wind bag is an 8-foot plastic tube which with a little practice can be blown up with one breath. It demonstrates Bernoulli's principle and how air pressure changes help you blow up the bag. ...
Drinking Bird
Truly a classic demonstration. Your students will be fascinated by the drinking bird that doesn't know when to stop. Teach thermodynamics and pressure, and have fun at the same time. ChemFax instruction sheet provided.
Fountain Connection
A wonderful pressure and vacuum demonstration. In 62 A.D. Hero of Alexandria described a water fountain that used compressed air to lift water to a point higher than its origin. Using two 2-liter pop bottles and the Fountain Connection, you will cons...
Tornado Tube
Create a tornado using two empty plastic soft drink bottles. This unique toy employs hydraulic principles to create the vortex of a tornado. The Tornado Tube can be used over and over again.
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