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Atomic Structure Puzzle - Student Activity Kit
Atomic “puzzler” activity provides a fun way to review core atomic structure concepts! Kit consists of 15 unique puzzle sheets, each with 20 different atomic structure “clues” testing students’ knowledge of atomic number, mass number, isotopes, ions,...
Chemistry Bingo - Super Value Game
Our chemistry bingo game combines two games in one-Element Bingo and Ion Bingo! Everyone likes to play bingo and now you can combine the fun of traditional bingo with this periodic table activity to help students learn both the elements and ions. The...
Chemdeck Card Games
Students are guaranteed to learn the basics of ionic compounds as they play card games they already know and enjoy. Chemdeck Card Games are designed to help students master the skills of writing charge-balanced ionic formulas, naming ionic compounds,...
Chemistry Crossword Puzzles
Allotropes, isotopes, electrolysis, molarity, stoichiometry, thermodynamics! How often have you heard students remark that learning chemistry is like learning a new language? As our vocabulary increases, so too does our knowledge! Learning the langua...
Electron Configuration Bingo - Super Value Game
Teach students the basics of electron configuration while playing an exciting game of bingo! Introduce students to the Aufbau principle, the Pauli exclusion principle and Hund's rule. Each bingo card lists various electron configurations. As the teac...
Element O® Game
The perfect game to learn about the periodic table. Element O® will engage your students' attention without them realizing that they are learning about the periodic table. No prior knowledge of the periodic table or chemistry is needed. But watch...
Gas Laws Puzzle - Student Activity Kit
Whether you are climbing a mountain or diving deep in the sea, the gas laws are always in force! Expand your students’ understanding of the gas laws with this cooperative classroom activity. Kit contains of 15 unique puzzle sheets, each with 12 diffe...
Go Fish for an Ion - A Chemistry Super Value Card Game
Go Fish in the “Fishing Pond” of ion cards! Students have fun as they learn the symbols and charges of 20 common monatomic and polyatomic ions. Students form compounds using the ion cards and other players check the matches laid down—all students are...
Isotope Identity Games
Two enjoyable card games provide a great way to teach students the concept of isotopes. With "Got Isotopes," students collect “books” of cards depicting four ways to represent isotopes of the same element. Students can also play "It's ...
Laboratory Pursuit Game
Challenge your students to an exciting game of Laboratory Pursuit. Students review various chemical concepts in a fun and non-threatening way. The game comes with three sets of cards. Each set is a different game: element names and symbols, ion names...
Metric Measurement Puzzle - Student Activity Kit
It is time to think metric! The metric system is used in science and throughout nearly every country in the world. In this cooperative class activity, students answer a series of metric measurement questions. Fifteen different puzzle sheets are solve...
Metric Match Game
Introduce students to the metric system and common conversions while playing the Metric Match Game! Each student group receives a set of Metric Match cards containing various conversion units and numbers. As the correct conversions are matched up wit...
Metric-ominoes Game
Metric-ominoes is an entertaining and enjoyable game that helps students learn and reinforces metric prefixes and their numerical values. Plays just like the classic dominoes game. A set of Metric-ominoes are given to each student group. Each domino ...
4-Square Number Puzzles - Super Value Kit
Students will be determined to find the solutions to this clever puzzle, and in the process, develop important problem-solving and critical-thinking skills! Challenge students to group four of the same numbers together into a 4-square. Slits along th...
VSEPR Hold 'Em - Super Value Game
Molecules have shape and we've got the cards to prove it! The structure and shape of a molecule are important to its physical and chemical properties. What are the bond angles for an octahedral? What causes a molecule to be linear? Reinforce the rule...
What's My Element? Chemistry Review Super Value Game
Reviewing the elements and their positions on the periodic table will be enjoyable for your students with this fun game. Students play in pairs, with each student challenged to find out the mystery element of an opponent who is trying to do the same!...
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