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Flinn Microchemistry Starter Kit
Get started using microscale techniques! The Flinn Microchemistry Starter Kit includes the lab write-ups and all the microscale equipment needed to conduct these three lab experiments: • Analysis of Vitamin C in Fruit Juices • Hydrogen Ion Concentr...
Battery Clips
Wire leads, 9 V.
Battery Clips with Alligator Clip Leads
Wire leads, 9 V.
Microscale Bell Jar and Vacuum Set
Safely conduct lab experiments involving vacuum and air pressure with our microscale bell jar and vacuum set. Expand a marshmallow, balloon, or shaving cream. Show that liquids boil at reduced pressure. Learn by experimentation that air has mass. Per...
Current Indicator
Quickly determine the conductivity of a solution with this low-priced current indicator. A red LED is illuminated if the solution conducts electricity. For use with 24-well reaction plates or combination plates. 9-volt battery required but not includ...
Crystallizing Dish, 80 x 40 mm
Borosillicate glass dishes used for heating and cooling baths, crystallization, disposal by evaporation, and sand baths for microscale experiments. Available in two sizes.
Crystallizing Dish, 150 x 75 mm
Borosillicate glass dishes used for heating and cooling baths, crystallization, disposal by evaporation, and sand baths for microscale experiments. Available in two sizes.
Labels, Adhesive, 15/16", Square
For labeling Beral-type pipets and other micro apparatus. Provided in a dispensing carton. White in color. Adhesive backed, 24 mm (15/16") square. Roll of 1,000 labels.
Magnifier, Pocket, Folding
Four-power in plastic frame. Folds into protective hard case. 3/8" x 2½" diameter. Used in microchemistry to enhance sample examination.
Quickly do flame tests or heat solutions with this unique burner. A simple alcohol burner constructed of glass and plastic for your microscale lab. Microburner will fit securely into wells of a 24-well plate or a combination plate. At this price, you...
Microspatulas, 8/pkg
Unique spatulas suitable for dispensing micro amounts of dry chemical in your microscale lab. Even small enough for dispensing into 96-well plates. Eight spatulas per package.
Hole-Punch, Single
Pencil Leads, 15/tube
Fifteen per tube. Excellent low-cost carbon electrodes.
Rubber Bands, Small, Pkg. of 300
Small but very durable rubber bands. In microscale chemistry these bands might be used to hold together a melting point capillary and a thermometer. 7/8" long. Pkg. of 300.
Sheet Protector
This clear polypropylene sheet protector is perfect for microchemistry experiments. High chemical resistance allows lab procedures to be done right on these plastic sheets. Simply slip a paper grid for sample identification into the sheet protector a...
Straws, Plastic, 1/4" o.d., 50/pkg
Useful for bubbling gas into a solution. 1/4" outside diameter, 20-cm length, 50 straws in a package.
Test Tubes without Rims, Borosilicate Glass, 6 x 50 mm, 0.5 mL
Rimless, borosilicate glass tubes for convenience in plugging and rack storage. Ends are fire polished. Commonly referred to as culture tubes.
Test Tubes without Rims, Disposable, 6 x 50 mm, 300/pkg*
Considered disposable in industry. However, these rimless tubes will hold up to repeated use. Considering the price difference, teachers would be prudent to select these disposable tubes. Commonly referred to as culture tubes.
Thermometer, Microscale, 0-100 Degree C
Easily fit into the wells of a microscale reaction plate. Range is 0-100 ºC with 5º graduations. Scale is permanently fused into the glass. Length is 2 3/8". We have found these thermometers to be very good for experiments that require a DT meas...
Toothpicks, Wood, Flat, 750/pkg
Toothpicks, Wood, Round, 250/box
Toothpicks, Plastic, 190/pkg
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