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Acid Strength and Electron Withdrawing Groups - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Take the weak acid vinegar, substitute three chlorine atoms for the three hydrogen atoms, and remarkably, the new acid is 10,000 times more powerful! Acids vary greatly in their strength—their ability to ionize or produce H+ ions when dissolved in wa...
Acid Rain in a Bag - Demonstration Kit
Perform a safe, microscale simulation of acid rain formation in a plastic bag. Chemicals react to form a visible brown cloud of nitrogen dioxide which, in turn, acidifies water present in the system. An acid–base indicator shows the speed and degree ...
Acid Rain in a Micro Environment - Demonstration Kit
Automobiles and factories belching smoke and fumes into a toxic, unbreathable atmosphere. A pristine pond and a deadly rainstorm. Create this dramatic scenario for your class!   A micro environment is created in an aquarium where sulfur and n...
The Overhead Equilibrium Reaction - Chemical Demonstration Kit
A colorless solution is placed in a Petri dish on an overhead projector. The solution will become dark orange then colorless again by the addition of certain solutions and solids. A dynamic demonstration to illustrate LeCh,telier's principle of equil...
Generating and Detecting Ozone - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Ozone and oxygen are allotropes of oxygen and related molecules, but they have very different properties. Investigate the formation and properties of ozone with this novel, small-scale gas-generating kit. Ozone is produced as a byproduct of the elect...
The Overhead Oscillating Clock -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
Oscillating clock reactions are captivating due to their colorful and unpredictable changes. This variation of a classic oscillating reaction is easily performed on an overhead projector. Simply place a Petri dish on the overhead, add three solutions...
Colorful Electrolysis - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate simple electrolysis in a very colorful and dramatic way on your overhead projector. A 9-V battery supplies the power and universal indicator provides the color show. As electrolysis occurs in the Petri dish, the pH changes at the anode an...
All in the Family - Periodic Trends Demonstration Kit
In every family there are similarities and differences. The same is true in chemical families as well! Explore similarities and differences in the reactivity of the halogens and promote critical thinking with this inquiry-based demonstration. Dilute ...
Audio Conductivity Tester - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Students reading a “Caution: Keep away from water!” notice on an electrical appliance may assume all water conducts electricity. Clear up their misconception with this easy-to-assemble conductivity tester that uses a piezoelectric buzzer and emits an...
Mini-Ammonia Fountain - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Add more color to the classic ammonia fountain demonstration by down-sizing it! Safely collect ammonia gas in jumbo pipet bulbs, place them in a rainbow array of indicator solutions, and give each bulb a gentle squeeze to draw up just a drop of water...
Solubility Patterns - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Are there any patterns or periodic trends in the solubility of alkaline earth metal compounds? Don't give students the answer to this question-let them discover it with this demonstration! Recreate the solubility pattern of the alkaline earth metal c...
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