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- Molecular, Wooden
Advanced Molecular Model Set, 121-Piece
You've requested it and it's here. A kit that can be used for demonstrating not only organic structures, but also inorganic structures and molecular geometry. Use these colorful, sturdy, wooden models to help your students visualize such molecules as...
Molecular Model Set, 1" Atoms, 104-Piece
We searched long and hard to find the best wooden models available—and we found them! This inexpensive set of 1"-diameter wooden atoms, wooden pegs, and springs will last a lifetime. The ¼"-diameter springs and wooden pegs fit snugly in the...
Student Molecular Model Set, Wooden, 3/4" Atoms, 185-Piece
Build compact three-dimensional organic compounds with this durable yet economical student model set. The set contains 100 brightly colored ¾"-diameter wooden balls with 85 ⅛"-diameter springs of varying lengths to represent bonds. Se...
Student Molecular Model Set, 3/4" Atoms, 65-Piece
A personal-sized wooden molecular model set that allows students to build their own models. The set contains 35 brightly colored ¾"- diameter balls along with 30 ⅛"-diameter springs of varying length to represent bonds. Set contains: ...
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