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Dyeing with Indigo - Student Laboratory Kit
Introduce the color and excitement of organic chemistry to your students! Watch as a bright yellow dye is oxidized by air to a rich blue color—right before your students' eyes. Indigo, the organic dye used in this lab, was used by the Romans and is s...
Extraction and Isolation of Caffeine -
Student Laboratory Kit
Caffeine is a naturally occurring heterocyclic molecule called an alkaloid. Alkaloids contain at least one nitrogen with lone pair electrons, giving them their characteristic basic property. Caffeine is found in the seeds, leaves, and fruits of many ...
Organic Smell Identification - Super Value Kit
Aromatherapy—it's organic chemistry! Introduce students to the wide variety of organic compounds found in nature that are used in fragrances, flavorings, and perfumes. Students are invited to take a “whiff” of 20 volatile organic compounds having ple...
Preparation of Esters - Student Laboratory Kit
This lab will fill your science room with smiles and pleasant aromas of peppermint, banana, and other fruit. Students are sure to enjoy synthesizing esters, the organic compounds responsible for artificial flavors. The simple chemistry behind the syn...
Synthesis of Aspirin - Student Laboratory Kit
Aspirin, first synthesized in 1897, is one of the oldest yet most common drugs in everyday use. In this student lab kit, students discover that aspirin is prepared the same way today that it was more than 100 years ago. The purpose of this experiment...
The Color of Chemistry - Dyes, Dyeing, and Chemical Bonding - Student Laboratory Kit
What is your favorite color? Color affects our senses, our moods, even our learning. In this lab activity, students investigate the reaction of five different dyes with a special multifiber fabric containing strips of wool, acrylic, polyester, nylon,...
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