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Earth & Environmental Science



- Lab Activity Kits
Coriolis Effect Environmental Science Kit
How does the Earth's rotation affect objects moving over its surface? Innovative activity model gives students hands-on experience investigating how objects move across the surface of a rotating planet due to the Coriolis Effect. Students will study ...
Exploring Earthquakes Activity-Stations Kit
For centuries earthquakes have both fascinated and frightened. In this activity-stations lab, students explore what causes earthquakes, discover why they are so unpredictable, and investigate factors that impact the effects of seismic activity. Four ...
Find the Epicenter—Student Activity Kit
An earthquake has occurred somewhere in the United States. Now it’s time for your students to locate the earthquake’s epicenter, just like “real-world” seismologists. Students use seismograph data to calculate the difference in travel time between pr...
Investigating Plate Tectonics Lab Activity
Introduce your students to plate tectonics with this engaging lab activity. Students take an expedition where they analyze fossil similarities among the continents using the provided fossil catalog. Then, using colored patterns, students compare toda...
Mapping Earthquakes and Volcanoes Kit
Is there a geologic connection between Mother Nature's most awesome displays of force - earthquakes and volcanoes - or is their occurrence simply coincidental? Let students discover the answer to this question with this active-learning mapping activi...
Water Cycle Adventure - Super Value Kit
When your students get a glass of water from a faucet, do they stop to wonder where in the world that water has been? Send your students on an adventure where they follow a drop of water navigating the water cycle. This interactive exercise helps stu...
Modeling Faults Student Activity Kit
Easily visualize how geological faults form using this hands-on activity model kit! Each group of students will create their own multicolored and multilayered landform model. Normal, reverse, and strike-slip faults will be simulated and sketched, and...
Pangaea-Student Laboratory Kit
At some point in the distant past, all of the continents may have been joined together in a single landmass! Let students explore the fascinating theory of Pangaea, the supercontinent, and the principles of plate tectonics using this durable, hands-o...
Sea Floor Spreading-Student Laboratory Kit
Simulate the amazing process of sea floor spreading and continental drift over geological time using this hands-on activity model! Students use the detailed model to observe the forces that push the tectonic plates apart and cause continental driftin...
Strike-Slip Fault Activity Kit
Have students create and explore geological faults—without leaving the classroom! Easy-to-use fault models will graphically depict how opposing geologic forces can cause rock to break and move horizontally, forming strike-slip faults. Realistic simul...
Modeling and Mapping Topography Kit
Give students a better sense of direction in three dimensions with this exploration of topography-related concepts. In this three-part activity, students will investigate how elevation and landforms are represented on contour-relief maps. Using simul...
Topographic Map Reading Kit
Map reading made easy! Durable, vacuum-formed contour model introduces students to different methods of map reading. Includes flat topography, raised relief and unprinted raised relief maps. Detailed models allow students to gain a better understandi...
Topography Map Reading-Model and Lab Activity
Give your students success at topographic map reading! This innovative kit, developed by a high school teacher, consists of a teacher demonstration model and 15 student models-your students can observe the overhead projection demonstration and then p...
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