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Coriolis Effect Apparatus
How does the Earth's rotation affect objects moving over its surface? This kit allows students to observe the Coriolis effect simply and clearly with a 3/4"-diameter steel ball and a revolving turntable that shows a visible yet erasable mark fro...
Contour Model Kit
How do topographers make a flat map out of our not-so-flat or rather “bumpy” world? Students make their own topographical map using this plastic model reproduction of a steep-sided volcano located in New Mexico-Mt. Capulin. Students draw contour line...
Density Flow Model Junior
Engage your students with dramatic simulations of many of the Earth's dynamic natural processes. Unique demonstration tank is used to demonstrate hard-to-visualize concepts related to Geology, Meteorology and Fresh and Saltwater systems. Students wil...
Earth History Model
Take your students back in time with this molded plastic, sculptured relief model of our Earth's history. Use the model to distinguish a Devonian fossil from a Triassic fossil, and to illustrate principles of our Earth's history such as superposition...
Landform Model Set, Deluxe
Students delve deeper into the different types of topographical landforms with this deluxe model set. Each of the eight sections represents one type of terrain-coastline of submergence, volcanism, fault block mountains, alpine glaciation, dome mounta...
Landform Model Set, Hexagonal
Give your students the opportunity to experience the terrain with these eight plastic landform pieces. Each section represents one type of terrain-coastal plain, canyon, fault block mountains, folded mountains, coastline, glaciers, and a two-piece vo...
Landform Models, Student Sets
Students really get a feel of the land with these durable, hands-on models. Four land type models-folded mountains, fault mountains, volcanism, and mountain glaciation-allow all students to learn how the Earth's internal forces affect the surface sha...
Landform Raised Relief Map Set
These three-dimensional landform maps of actual locations in the United States provide your students the best possible means to study topography. Students see contour lines and feel elevations as they view map details including state and county bound...
Rock Cycle Model Activity Set
Use this colorful model as a demonstration tool or as a hands-on activity to help your students understand a complex earth process-the Rock Cycle. The set includes 20 actual samples of rocks and sediments and a three-dimensional, heavy-duty plastic m...
Seismograph Model
Shake, rattle, and rock your classroom with this simple, yet innovative, seismograph model. Teach your students how earthquake tremors are measured-without an earthquake! The model consists of a pen mounted on a weight that is suspended from a frame....
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