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Earth & Environmental Science



- Advanced Placement*
Flinn Laboratory Kits for AP* Environmental Science - 14-Kit Bundle
Fourteen student laboratory kits developed with the current Environmental Science curriculum in mind—all in one cost-saving bundle! From life in soil to landfill decomposition, from wind energy to the greenhouse effect, this convenient kit bundle wil...
Mapping Earthquakes and Volcanoes Kit
Is there a geologic connection between Mother Nature's most awesome displays of force - earthquakes and volcanoes - or is their occurrence simply coincidental? Let students discover the answer to this question with this active-learning mapping activi...
Specific Heat and Climate: Environmental Science Laboratory Kit
Yikes-the beach sand is hot but the water is cool! How can two adjacent materials have such different temperatures? In this timely environmental science lab kit, students carry out a controlled experiment to determine how specific heat affects the te...
Exploring Groundwater Activity-Stations Laboratory Kit
Explore important concepts related to groundwater using this activity-station lab kit! Three “mini-lab” activities, each focusing on a specific groundwater-related principle or topic, are included:   • Permeability and Porosity—students perfo...
Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil Environmental Science Lab Kit
Healthy soil provides structure and nutrients for plant growth and is a vital component of the hydrologic (water) cycle. Explore how the physical and chemical properties of soil impact soil quality with this two-part investigation. In the first part,...
Stream Macroinvertebrate Sampling Simulation - Student Activity Kit
What is the water quality of this stream? Is it polluted? Students use a sample of illustrated macroinvertebrates to determine the Biotic Index and the water quality of a simulated natural water source. Students also use the illustrated macroinverteb...
Discover Life in the Soil - Student Laboratory Kit
Hundreds of species of organisms are living right under your feet! According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a single spadefull of rich garden soil contains more species of organisms than can be found above ground in the entire Amazon rain for...
Duckweed Population Study
Students can witness a population explosion right before their eyes as they nurture and experiment with living duckweed plants. Students start with a small number of plants and watch them reproduce vegetatively into a large matted colony, too numerou...
Landfill Decomposition Kit
Americans generate over 210 million tons of trash every year! One of the biggest decisions voters will need to make in the coming years is “what are we going to do with all this trash?” In this activity, students will set up different types of simula...
Common Uses of Rocks and Minerals Student Laboratory Kit
Did you know that many items we use everyday are mined from the Earth? Examples include limestone in building homes, feldspar in soaps, and fluorite in toothpaste. Your students will perform 10 hands-on activities to determine the properties of vario...
Wind Energy - Student Laboratory Kit
Fluctuating fuel prices make green energy more appealing than ever! Integrate STEM design standards into your curriculum as students study the principles behind using wind energy to produce mechanical power. Each student group constructs a windmill w...
Build a Solar Cell - Photovoltaic Effect and Photosynthesis - Student Activity Kit
The energy crisis is real! Update your curriculum today and bring the latest technological developments in solar energy research into your classroom. Dye-sensitized solar cells mimic the process that occurs in photosynthesis to harvest sunlight and c...
Environmental Pollution—Student Laboratory Kit
Introduce students to air and water pollutants using this comprehensive, hands-on kit. Students will gain a deeper understanding of air quality by performing valuable experiments to detect smoke, particulate materials and acidic gases in air. Safe an...
Environmental Pollution and Lichens
Lichens are a terrific indicator to monitor environmental pollution. In this kit, students will discover the value of lichens as living indicators of environmental quality. Students will perform experiments to see how different given pollution sample...
Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming - Student Laboratory Kit
What is the greenhouse effect? How does the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere affect the temperature of the Earth? Where do greenhouse gases originate? Students will answer these questions and gain a better understanding of the greenhouse ...
AP Environmental Science Daily Lesson Plans CD
Invigorate your classroom with visual, kinesthetic and auditory activities to deepen student interest and understanding. Relieve the pressure of daily lesson preparation while providing helpful course navigation for new teachers and new energetic ide...
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