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- Mineral Collections
Introductory Mineral Collection
A good starter set! Twelve popular minerals clearly labeled for easy identification. Packaged in a compartmentalized collection box. Includes apatite, calcite, graphite, halite, hematite, limonite, microcline, muscovite, olivine, pyrite, quartz, and ...
Classroom Mineral Collection
Students will enjoy the study of mineralogy much more once they get their hands on this unique group of minerals. Thirty-six different mineral specimens have been selected specifically for this kit for use in the earth science classroom. All are la...
Cleavage Mineral Collection
Cleavage is the tendency of minerals to break along preferred directions. Six mineral specimens are provided to show students basal, prismatic, cubic, rhombohedral, and octahedral cleavage. Labeled for easy identification and packaged in a compartme...
Crystal Mineral Collection
Crystal form is a valuable tool in the identification of minerals. Nine mineral specimens are provided to show isometric, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic and monoclinic crystal systems. Labeled for easy identification and packaged in a compartme...
Fracture Mineral Collection
Fracture is the irregular breakage of a mineral. The break may occur in any direction, but is usually located around some imperfection in the mineral. Students are provided with six specimens and can clearly see conchoidal, earthy, hackly, and uneven...
Moh's Hardness Scale Mineral Collection
Students learn that the determination of hardness is an important step in the mineral identification process. This collection includes specimens for the first nine minerals in the Moh's scale. Labeled for easy identification and packaged in a compar...
Luster Mineral Collection
Luster is the way a mineral reflects light. Fifteen mineral specimens are provided so students can see metallic, non-metallic, vitreous, adamantine, resinous, silky, greasy, waxy, earthy, and dull types of luster. Labeled for easy identification and ...
Fluorescent Mineral Collection, Short and Long Wave
Fluorescence is the emission of light that some minerals exhibit when exposed to ultraviolet light. Students will see firsthand the colors of 12 fluorescent mineral specimens when held under an ultraviolet light. Labeled for easy identification and p...
Color and Streak Mineral Collection
Streak and color are a key test method in mineral identification. Students learn that the powder of a mineral can sometimes be different than the mineral itself. Eight mineral specimens are provided along with a streak plate. Labeled for easy identi...
Tenacity Mineral Collection
Tenacity is the physical property of a mineral that describes the way it will break under pressure or stress. Six mineral specimens are provided showing brittle, sectile, malleable, elastic, and flexible types of tenacity. Labeled for easy identifica...
Gem Mineral Collection
Minerals that are prized for their beauty, durability and rarity are called gemstones. Twelve gem minerals are provided in their natural form. The colors and raw beauty are magnificent. Labeled for easy identification and packaged in a compartmentali...
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