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Earth & Environmental Science



- Lab Activities
Analemma Student Activity Kit
Have you ever seen a figure-8 pattern on a globe and wondered what it was? This figure, known as an analemma, represents the path the Sun makes in the sky in a year's time. Using this ingenious activity, your class will measure and map the Sun's angl...
Earth's Orbit and Seasons Kit
What causes our seasons on Earth? How does Earth's revolution around the Sun influence the changing of the seasons? Demonstrate and explain the answers to these questions and more using this low-cost, highly visual kit! Use the Earth model to allow s...
Earth's Magnetic Field Student Activity Kit
The Earth's magnetic field is all around us! Explore the properties of the Earth's amazing magnetic field lines using this unique and innovative student kit. Students use iron filings, a magnetic sphere, and a compass to determine the locations of No...
Map Projection Model
Learn how a flat map is created from the curved surface of a globe! The model includes a terrestrial globe and three map projections-cylindrical, conical, and azimuthal-represented on transparent plastic sheets. Simply place the sheets over the globe...
Topographic Map Symbol Bingo
Topographic maps use symbols to represent landmarks-making them a useful tool for hikers, hunters, campers, or anyone embarking on an outdoor adventure. Students will learn how to interpret topographic maps while playing a classic game of bingo. Stud...
Map Reading Activity
Students are guaranteed to learn the fundamentals of map reading with this stimulating activity. Teach map symbols, scale, direction, latitude and longitude, and elevation-and relate these to real-life features. Use the three-dimensional terrain mode...
Reading Maps Stereo Photographs
Get a bird's-eye view of the Earth's landscape features from New York City to the California coastline! Teach your students to read maps by comparing a topographical map section with its corresponding stereoscopic aerial color photograph. Relate map ...
Solar Motion Demonstrator
Demonstrate the apparent motion of the sun across the sky, for any day of the year and for any latitude in the Northern hemisphere. This unique activity allows students to make their own demonstrator and use it to answer questions such as: • Where wi...
Globe Kit
This working Earth model allows students to determine the circumference of the Earth, observe the movement of the sun, and measure the volume of the Earth and each of its interior zones. An instruction sheet with procedures for three lab activities a...
Sun-Earth Motion Activity
Does the Earth rotate around the Sun? Students will create their own primitive sundials to find out! The sundial will be used to track a shadow and further understand how the Earth rotates and the Sun appears to move through the sky. The motion of th...
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