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- Barometers
Barometer, Metric
Non-mercurial, dial-type barometer with a dual range scale. Range is 940 to 1070 millibars or 710 to 800 mm of mercury with an accuracy of ±3 to 4 millibars. Instrument can be wall mounted. 4" dial is easy to read from a distance.
Barometer, Aneroid
A perfect barometer for teachers on a tight budget. Non-mercurial instrument. The 5"-diameter, glass-covered dial is calibrated in inches, centimeters, and millibars of mercury. The pressure range is from 705 mm Hg to 795 mm Hg. Aneroid means th...
Barometer, Digital
Finally—a safer alternative to the traditional mercury barometer—the new 4-in-1 digital barometer! Simultaneously display barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, and time/day with this accurate, easy-to-read electronic barometer. Displays d...
Barometer, Mercury-Free
Finally, a full size barometer that is mercury-free! An extremely safe barometer specifically designed for educational use. Barometer's length is four times larger than standard mercury barometers, making it extremely easy to read. Barometric scale i...
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