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Earth & Environmental Science



- Lab Activities
Flinn Weather Activity Kit
Can you predict the weather? Use this all-inclusive weather activity kit to show your students the simple tools and techniques that are used to measure atmospheric conditions and predict weather. Students record precipitation data, see how a sling ps...
Weather Events Activity-Stations Laboratory Kit
Discover what the weather’s really like, all around you! Students gain valuable knowledge about the science behind common weather events by performing a series of experiments in this activity stations laboratory kit. Five mini-lab activities are set ...
Weather Map Symbol Bingo
Today’s weather is cloudy with freezing drizzle, winds out of the east at 25 knots. What does that look like on a weather map? Wind, air pressure, precipitation, cloud cover, etc. are represented by symbols at specific locations on weather maps. As s...
Measuring Dew Point and Relative Humidity Kit
Dew point and relative humidity-two very important terms that influence weather conditions. Students will make direct dew point observation measurements, sling psychrometer dew point measurements, perform a relative humidity calculation, and obtain a...
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