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- Weather Stations
Weather Radio
Alert your students to dangerous weather conditions in your area with this easy-to-use weather radio. Top-of-the-line weather radio offers Same Area Message Encoding (S. A. M. E.), digital technology that allows you to select National Weather S...
Wireless Weather Station
Easy to read, easy to program, and affordable. Data updates every 4 seconds giving you an accurate weather picture. Displays both outside and inside temperatures as well as a min/max temperature that can be reset at the touch of a button. Weather for...
Vantage Pro2™ Wireless Weather Station
A professional wireless weather station that allows students to easily monitor weather conditions. Includes a console and a versatile solar-powered sensor suite that includes a rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and an anemometer. Also...
Solar-Powered Weather Station
Say goodbye to electricity and power cords-this weather station and its sensors are powered by solar energy! All the weather monitoring features you need are provided in this professional quality weather station. Measure wind speed, wind direction, t...
Network Interface Module for Weather Station
Use the Network Interface Module with the Solar-Powered Weather Station (Catalog No. AP4878) to record and save data over time on 2 MB of flash memory. Includes RainwiseNetTM Basic Package Software and Web Hosting. Features include: integrated radio,...
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