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- Wind Speed Indicators
Digital Anemometer
Easy to use and read, this portable digital anemometer measures wind speed conveniently and accurately whether the wind is fast or slow. Additional temperature and RH readings make this an excellent tool for environmental field studies. Automat...
Anemometer, Pocket
A dual-scale, portable instrument for gauging wind speed. Simple, yet highly accurate. The low-range scale (2 to 10 mph) has an accuracy of ±0.5 mph; the high-range scale (4 to 66 mph) has an accuracy of ±3 mph. The durable plastic instrument comes c...
Anemometer, Working Model
An extremely sensitive, model anemometer for demonstrating the principles of wind velocity measurement. Instrument consists of four cups (5 cm diameter) mounted on a low-friction axle-securely affixed to a molded plastic base for stability. The supe...
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