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Portable Laboratory Burner
A self-contained laboratory burner. Ideal as a safer alternative to alcohol burners. Burner assembly mounts on a butane canister. With the gas control valve wide open the “burn time” for a fresh canister should be approximately three hours. Fully adj...
Butane Burner
This unique lab burner will produce temperatures well over 1350 ºC. Can be used as both a Bunsen burner (on its side) or as a torch (upright). The burner has a fuel capacity of over one hour and can be easily refilled with standard butane canister f...
Micro Butane Burner
This small butane burner has no messy wicks and requires no central gas line. Stable, tip-resistant design provides safe use and portability. The burner can be quickly refilled from a standard butane cartridge. The burner is equipped with a solid sta...

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