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- Desiccators
Desiccator, Polypropylene, 150 mm
Tough and durable desiccator. Bottom portion is made of polypropylene. Upper portion is made of transparent polycarbonate. The domed lid is seated on an “O” ring in the base. A tubing connection (5/16" o.d.) allows a vacuum to be drawn on this d...
Drierite®, 8 Mesh, Indicating, 454 g
HAZARD ALERT: Possible allergen; respiratory irritant. Storage: Inorganic #2 Disposal: #26a Shelf Life: Indefinite if kept dry; store in a Flinn ChemSaf™ Bag. Soluble: Not meant to be put in solution Color: White or blue Odor: None CAS No. 7778-18-9
Desiccator Plate, Plastic, 140 mm
Useful as support plate for room temperature containers placed in a desiccator. Made of semi-expanded polypropylene. 140 mm in diameter. Not for use with hot objects.

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