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- Distillation, Water Stills
Water Distiller, Benchtop
A water distiller that won’t wipe out your budget and is as easy to use as a coffeemaker! Start making high quality distilled water minutes after unpacking this benchtop water distiller. Simply fill the container with tap water, turn the distiller on...
Merit Water Still
The Merit still's combination of features and its low price make it perfect for the school laboratory. Features include:• High output: 4 liters per hour! • High quality water: Suitable for general laboratory purposes. • High efficiency coil condenser...
Barnstead Mega-Pure® Water Still
The Mega-Pure Water Still provides the highest quality water for all laboratory purposes. Features include: • Fast water production: 1.4 liters per hour• Excellent water quality: Suitable for all chemical and biological laboratory purposes; pyrogen-f...

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