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- Stopper Accessories
Cork Borer, 7-mm i.d.
Used to insert into and remove glass tubing and thermometers from corks and rubber stoppers. 7 mm i.d. fits most sizes of glass tubing and thermometers.
Cork Borers, Set of 6
For boring holes in rubber stoppers or corks. Plated brass tubing forms the borer and each borer has an individual plastic handle. A punch is provided with each set. The 6-borer set covers range 4.8 to 12.7 mm. The 12-borer set covers range 4.8 to 20...
Cork Borer Sharpener
A must for all labs using cork borers. A handy tool to resharpen cork borers. Will sharpen bore sizes from 5 mm to 24 mm. Sharpener is solid brass and is mounted on a wooden handle.
Glass-a-Matic Hand Saver
The perfect hand-saving tool for inserting glass tubing into stoppers! This easy-to-use tool prevents injury to hands due to shattered glass tubing. Simply push the tool through the stopper with a twist, remove the nose cone, insert the glass tube, a...
Stopper Sizer
Find the correct size for rubber stoppers and corks with the Flinn Stopper Sizer. It will provide size information in stopper ranges 00 to 12 and cork sizes 0 to 26. The opposite side of the sizer has a circular scale for sizing tubing diameters betw...

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