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- Sensors
pH Sensor
More features and versatility than higher priced, full-featured pH meters. A terrific sensor for all pH applications, including microscale. Combination gel-filled electrode has a range of 0-14 pH. System includes pH electrode and a convenient soaking...
Gas Pressure Sensor
The perfect gas pressure sensor for all chemical and biological experiments. Your students can now discover the gas laws for themselves. Charles', Boyle's, and Gay-Lussac's laws are all ready to recreate. Many biological activities such as respiratio...
Conductivity Sensor
Great for environmental testing of water samples for salinity, total dissolved solids or conductivity. Fast response time and built-in temperature compensation. Readings can be taken in units of conductivity (μS/cm) or concentration (mg/L and pp...
Light Sensor
A wonderful sensor for a wide variety of biological and environmental science activities. The light sensor approximates the human eye in spectral response and can be used over three illumination ranges: 0-600, 0-6000, and 0-150,000 lux.
Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
Monitor heart rates while at rest, during or after exercise. Wireless grips transmit a signal to a receiver module, which connects to the interface system. Provides consistent readings even during vigorous movement. BT Connector.
Go Wireless® Heart Rate
Continuously monitor heart rate while a person is stationary or before, during and after exercise. Data is wirelessly transmitted to an iPad, LabQuest™ 2 or other compatible device. Easy-to-use equipment allows users to see live heart rate readouts d...
Dual Range Force Sensor
Two force sensors in one low-cost sensor! Measures two ranges: ±10N and ±50N. Easy to hold in your hand, but also comes with a mounting bracket for attaching to dynamics carts. Use to study friction, simple harmonic motion, impact in collisions, or c...
Motion Detector 2
The Motion Detector 2 is like the automatic range finder on a Polaroid® camera. This sonar device emits ultrasonic pulses at an adjustable rate between 10 and 50 times per second. The time it takes for the reflected pulses to return is used to ca...
PSworks Photogate Timer
Finally—an inexpensive and accurate photogate timer for all your high-speed timing needs! Measure time to 0.0001 seconds with no fuss. The Flinn PSworks Photogate Timer is easy-to-use with five common function modes specifically used in the physical ...

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