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Easy Science Demos & Labs - Earth Science
Turn your student on to the hows and why of natural phenomena with these quick and easy one-page Earth science demonstrations. Topics include minerals and crystals, rocks, fossils, weather, erosion, waves, heat, humidity, tornadoes, telescopes, eclip...
A Demo A Day - A Year of Earth Science Demonstrations Book
A full-year collection of Earth science demonstrations-gathered and organized in one convenient resource book! The nearly 150 demonstrations are teacher-friendly and ready-to-use, written by teachers for teachers. Many of the activities are “traditio...
Daily Warm-ups: Earth Science Level II
Perfect for opening or closing class or as a challenging break from the regular routine. This collection of mini-activities includes puzzles, riddles, limericks, and thought-starters. Each of the short, but challenging, “warm-ups” is designed to...
Earth Science Challenge
“I'll take Rocks and Minerals for 500.” Use a familiar quiz show game to reinforce your students' understanding of important earth science concepts. Questions and answers cover many important earth science principles about the atmosphere, oceans, roc...

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